Dr. Laura Piombino

Dr. Laura Piombino brings advanced expertise and training in medical aesthetics and nutrition to her role as Scientific Director at Ripar Cosmetics.  A graduate of the Second University of Naples in Rome, Italy, where she earned degrees in Medicine and Surgery, and Food Science, Dr. Piombino also studied dermatological laser surgery at Sacro Cuore Catholic University in Rome.  After completing these advanced degrees,  she earned her diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the Fatebenefratelli International School for Aesthetic Medicine, also in Rome.

 A trained and certified beauty therapist since 1995, at Ripar, Dr. Piombino plays a key role in the development and oversight of Ripar’s pioneering line of aesthetic skincare. Using her scientific and medical background, she works closely with the team to help guide every aspect of Ripar’s skincare offerings, from ingredients to formulation to , as well as guides the creation and implementation of Ripar’s acclaimed esthetic training program at the Sempiù School of Professional Training in Caserta, where she has taught since 2000.

 The author of several publications and conference presentations, she has been a lecturer in Physiology at the Second University of Naples since 2009. Knowing that skin health is ultimately dependent on proper cosmological hygiene, Dr. Piombino is dedicated to creating innovative formulations and professional products that will work on all skin types. Combining her aesthetic training with a holistic approach, Dr. Piombino believes every quest for beauty should start with a foundation of physical health and wellness; a mindful lifestyle; and maintaining a strong appreciation for one’s own unique assets and traits. Through Ripar’s extensive collection of advanced professional products, she’s created tools to help consumers around the globe reveal their true beauty.