Dr. Mario Piombino

Dr. Mario Piombino, is the founder of RIPAR and an acclaimed plastic and vasuclar surgeon. A graduate of Federico II University of Naples Italy, Dr. Piombino began his medical career specializing in vascular surgery. Dr. Piombino completed is training in plastic surgery at the three prestigious facilities; Federico II University, Planas Plastic Surgery Clinic in Barcelona and the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Catholic University of Rio di Janeiro.


Starting his career as a surgical assistant and then a vascular surgeon in the emergency room at the Caserta City Hospital, Dr. Piombino then transitioning into his pursuit of plastic and aesthetic surgery. Soon after Dr. Piombino established a  ten year successful private cosmetic surgery practice. In 1988 Dr. Piombino, along with his wife Rita Parente, founded and established Ripar Cosmetics.


Dr. Piombino and Rita Parente saw the desperate need create long lasting, advanced professional cosmetics that cover dermatological imperfections - vitiligo, port wine stains, ecchymosis and other skin disorders. Ripar Cosmetics, created out of a need to cover imperfections, is the best and most well known brand that flawlessly concealsskin markings. Rita Parente utilized her skill as a makeup professional to flawlessly camouflage major skin imperfections in a truly natural way.